Traffic Sources

Traffic Sources: Which Are The Best?

Traffic Sources

Traffic Sources

The undisputed currency of doing business on the web is traffic.

Regardless of your business model, product, sales funnel, content … if you can’t get eyeballs to it, it just doesn’t matter.  Therefore, traffic first!

These past few weeks have seen many an internet marketer all a-flutter over the latest in Google’s algorithm.  In a set of changes that started several weeks ago, Google is seeking to protect its core business, which is matching a searcher with the best content for his or her query.

Whether the latest algorithm update helps Google’s search customers by serving them with the best and most relevant content remains to be seen.

There are plenty of forums and blogs who say otherwise, but then, it’s usually the nay sayers that tend to post.

What does this have to do with traffic sources?


Organic Traffic

Organic search traffic has long been considered the “best” source of targeted traffic.  It likely was some years ago before entire an entire industry was created around SEO (search engine optimization).

If you are able to place your site on Google page one, then searches in your niche market are likely to net you a lot of targeted, free traffic.

However, given the unpredictable nature of effect various search algorithm changes could have on your placement, a wise online business owner would not put all of his/her eggs in the organic search basket.

This means that, while you should definitely pay attention to SEO, and carefully selecting your targeted keywords, there are other sources that could qualify as better traffic sources.

Social Media

I believe that social media plays a large role in letting people know you exist.  However, turning awareness to conversion is a big step, and not all social media networks lend themselves to this process.

For example, Twitter is great for getting the word out.  Since a public stream exists, it is likely that search engine spiders pick up “social signals” and somehow mark your content as relevant within that specific context.

Facebook pages (as well as some active groups), on the other hand, are almost as good as having a list.  An engaged audience on a Facebook page is almost a guaranteed to high click-through rates.

LinkedIn does well also in the context of Groups or Answers, but is equally untargetted as Twitter when it comes to driving traffic.

Social Bookmarking

 The likes of Digg, Reddit, and most notably StumbleUpon are most useful in spreading the word, and getting your link out to audiences you don’t normally come across.

Social bookmarking is also great for creating buzz that can be picked up by  search engines, and get you indexed quickly.

However, traffic from social bookmarking tends to be spiky, in that you might see a flood of traffic for a single post, and it dies out quickly.

Social bookmarking is fantastic for launches or big announcements.

The Contextual Backlink

This traffic comes as a result of your link being embedded in a piece of related content on another website.

The power of this kind of traffic is that it quite targeted to the contents of your own website.

In addition, this kind of contextual backlink will enjoy the fruits of the hosting website’s traffic.  Once a visitor on that site is done reading the piece of contextual content, they are highly likely to click through to your site to find out more.

Contextual backlinks, are, in my humble opinion, the most lasting of traffic sources as well as the most targeted.

Commenting on relevant blogs and contributing to forums in your niche are great ways of establishing contextual backlinks.

The content on those blogs and forums will continue to exist, and be brought up in search queries over and over again, and your link will be there for the traffic that comes in to follow.

In your traffic strategy, it is important to have a good mix of sources to ensure a steady stream of traffic.  It is a risk to rely on any one type of source, and definitely gambling if you rely only on ONE source, say, your Facebook page.

How many different sources of traffic do you target?   You are targeting specific traffic sources, right?




8 replies
    • Dee
      Dee says:

      Hi Tanya,

      It used be fine just to have a web presence perhaps five years ago, but not anymore!

      For backlinks, engaging with other blogs and relevant Facebook / LinkedIn Groups drive the most engagement for me. I also use a few bookmarking services such as SocialMonkee, and of course, StumbleUpon.

      Thanks for stopping by.
      Dee recently posted…Pushing Forward: My Favourite Head HacksMy Profile

  1. Adrienne
    Adrienne says:

    Hi Dee,

    What a great explanation of the different traffic sources.

    Dang that Google, always changing things around. Now I do know that they are trying their hardest to clean up the junk that is constantly sneaking in like the content farms last year and now spamming of the backlinks. I do realize that the majority of the people who do these practices are only out for themselves so I do believe they deserve being slapped.

    But what you’ve shared here is how we normal people, I think we’re normal, can get traffic to our sites the best way possible and still look really good in the eyes of Google.

    Blog commenting, visiting groups and social media sites are my favorites. It’s a great way to get other people to share your content. Over time they’ll start sharing your links in their posts too. I love that when that happens too Dee.

    Thanks for sharing this and I do hope you’re enjoying your weekend.

    Adrienne recently posted…Some Really Cool StuffMy Profile

    • Dee
      Dee says:

      Hi Adrienne,

      It’s good Google continues to innovate. There’s always that window between when they adjust, and before the “spammers” figure out the latest technique to game it. It’s in that window that the rest of us “normal” people have a great opportunity to get our stuff seen.

      I’m glad we’re in the same boat when it comes to selecting effective, sustainable traffic sources.

      Thank you so much for making the time to contribute on Moonpreneur!

      Dee recently posted…Publishing Your Content [Part 7: Building A Profitable Niche Website]My Profile

  2. Shamelle@BetterBloggingWays
    Shamelle@BetterBloggingWays says:

    The number of traffic sources are growing each day. What works best I believe will depend on the niche/niche content, the type of following one has and which method is “promoted” well.

    At this point, for my blog I’ve seen a massive growth in organic traffic that any other traffic medium. It is not accidental ;-) I do put in a lot of effort to strike a balance between SEO and giving value to readers.

    Interesting post. I just found a new blog to add to my RSS reader!
    Shamelle@BetterBloggingWays recently posted…This Blog Post Will Teach You Nothing About Blogging!My Profile

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