Visual Content Creation: Slideshows

Long before Pinterest and Instagram, we knew and accepted that a picture paints a thousand words. We are visual creatures, and as such, we tend to react faster to images.  It explains the popularity of those two image-based social networks, and why Facebook sharing of images tend to go viral much … [Continue reading]

Overcoming Overwhelm

Ride The Wave

Whenever I think about the word overwhelm, I picture this wave coming at me. The bad news is that I don't surf, and am terrified of large expanses of water. The good news is that it's in my head, so I can slow it down, grab some sunglasses, … [Continue reading]

I Did It In The Elevator

Elevator Productivity

On most days, I work at my day job in a quiet cubicle on the 27th floor of a 40-storey tower.  While serviced by no less than six elevators, getting around in said tower for client and internal meetings is as much an adventure as it is a massive time … [Continue reading]

Lock It Down

Wordpress Lock Down

If you have following tech news recently, or even if you haven't, you must have come across various headlines along the lines of "Wordpress Hack Attack", or "Bruce Force Attack On Wordpress". In English, it basically means that someone, individual … [Continue reading]

Desperately Seeking Sources: Finding Great Content

The Best Content

It's been written about over and over again, and I'm sure there are countless "list" type posts out there with 101 tips on how to write great content. Nonetheless, it bears reminding ourselves periodically, and especially in the middle of the … [Continue reading]

It’s All In The Source


I wrote about using (or any other curation platform, really) to test out a new niche.  This is a useful exercise if you are sitting on the fence about the niche, or unsure how it will resonate with your community. A tool like … [Continue reading]

Content Curation: A Novel Use Case


The battle between original and curated content continues to rage in certain circles.  For us more pragmatic people, we know that the truth is always somewhere in the middle, and the better truth is that we go with what works for us. We not only … [Continue reading]