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Fun and Games In the Moonlighting Entrepreneur's World

Missing MacMillan

This past week has been one of the most frustrating, and yet, one of the most surprising. I want to share what I learned, but first, let me tell what caused the frustration. For starters, the Internet connection in our tiny little village in Italy, which was never stellar, decided to slow down to a […]

How To Combat Product Creation Block

Getting started is simple,  but not always easy. This is especially true of content and product creation. Facing an empty, pristine sheet of paper can be off putting. Staring at a blinking cursor on an empty Word document is just as intimidating. At least on paper,  you can doodle! Fiction authors use writing prompts to […]

How To Write Fast

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Who doesn’t want to write fast? I want to write fast.  I need to write fast. Writing is at the heart of just about all content creation, so the ability to produce fast, effective, and engaging content is highly desirable, right? I always chide myself that reading about writing fast is probably not going to […]

The Revamp: Why and How

May be it’s because I’m a Saggitarian, or perhaps because as a third culture kid, change is about the only constant I know. It was inevitable that two years in, Moonpreneur would also get the same revamping treatment I subject my unsuspecting family to. I still have fond memories of the look on my husband’s […]

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I blog about writing, building websites and creating digital assets. Apparently they have a better return than many traditional investments. Especially time.

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